Our Team

Dr. Kuldeep Singh


Dr. Kuldeep Singh is a doctor by profession, he has avid experience in businesses spanning across various industries. In terms of educational background, he has pursued a degree in BDS, MBA-BADM. His knowledge and vision share the ideology of making Woodefy a leading brand in the industry. He leads all the design and production at Woodefy and also trains workers and carpenters to deliver indifferent concepts to consumers.

Naveen Singh


Mr. Naveen Singh has more than 7 years of corporate experience in the field of finance and management. In terms of his career, he had worked with leading financial institutions like- ICICI Bank and Muthoot Finance Ltd. He also holds previous experience of successfully running a plastic recycling business. He leads marketing and finance at Woodefy.

Mahendra Pratap Singh


Mahendra Pratap Singh is an engineer and holds a degree in management. He has extensive knowledge of managing teams and logistics. He leads administration and logistics at Woodefy to ensure the timeliness of business processes with the assurance of meeting consumer demands at the core of the supply chain.

Priya Singh


Priya Singh handles operations and backend at Woodefy. She contributes to the major activities and backend operations of the business. She holds a master’s degree in commerce.

Lakshman Singh

Team Member-Designer

Lakshman Singh is a designer at Woodefy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in technology and looks towards the design and development of products at Woodefy. He is an avid designer with new concepts and ideas.

Khushi Sharma

Team Member-Designer

Khushi Sharma is a designer at Woodefy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in technology and assists with the design, development, and conceptualization of wooden furniture and products. Being passionate about the art of epoxy resin, she delivers the imaginable and creative aspects to the products manufactured at Woodefy.


Team Member- HR & Finance

Anil assists in HR & Finance for Woodefy. Being a commerce graduate, he offers expertise in managing finance related aspects and activities for the organization. He is an avid team member with passion and dedication to achieve collaborative growth.