Guide to Choose the Best Wood for Your Furniture: Teak or Treat?

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Guide to Choose the Best Wood for Your Furniture: Teak or Treat?

Best Wood for Your Furniture

Furniture plays a crucial role in your room’s interior decoration, and therefore, you must keep in mind certain factors while choosing your furniture. The wooden furniture you opt for must be durable enough to withstand all your pressure and stand unaffected in the years to come. Moreover, a proper set of furniture tells about the mentality and outlook of the person owning it, his decoration sense, and vibes.

Thus, you must be selecting the best wood for your furniture, as it is more like a one-time investment. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the best wood for your furniture or amenities at home.

The Wood Types for Your Furniture

The Need

You will come across several types of wood in the market, each with its properties, color, and texture. Each of the wood has its own cost depending on its uses, availability, demand, and several other factors. If we leave aside the cost parameter, each type of wood is suitable for its kind of furniture. So choosing the right variety and the appropriate quality of wood is necessary.

The Wood Types

Let’s check out the various options available and their uses in the home decor and furniture industry.

  • The Hardwood

If we consider the hardwood category, there are different variations in the hardwood. So let’s read in detail all the options available in the hardwood category.

  • Mahogany

This category of wood belongs to a typical tropical hardwood tree that is popular among the masses for its color, beauty, and durability. The color mostly darkens with each passing day. All these reasons have made it a suitable option for the furniture industry. You can use this kind of wood in all the high-end furniture and home decor products, doors, millwork, and even windows.

  • Walnut

Walnut comes in the list of the popular wood for most of the furniture. The stability and the shock resistance of this wood stand unparalleled. The color usually varies from light brown to a dark chocolate color. It is more-or-less lightweight with a medium texture and is suitable for flooring, carving, and high-end furniture.

  • Red Oak

The prime advantage of oak is its resistant property to any fungal attack. There are around 600 types of oak. Its durable quality along, with its fungal resistance, make it one of the best wood options for your cabinet. You can also use it for paneling and flooring, etc.

  • Beech

You can use beech for the chair back and legs. If you want to give a rustic and antique look to some of your furniture, you can use this wood. Even carpenters love this particular type, as the beech stems easily bend in the form of ash. It is suitable for any finish.

  • Teak

You can go for any outdoor construction, as it is resistant to exterior conditions like sunlight, rainfall, snow, and other such climatic conditions.

  • Softwood

After the hardwood collection, have a look at some of the best softwood collections.

  • White Eastern Pine

This wood type is a must on the list because of its magical nature of turning yellow on exposure to sunlight. Mostly prevalent in several parts of the country, you can use it for molding, twisting, and light brown with a tad bit of reddish hue furniture. Finish it with a water-based polyurethane.

  • Pitch Pine

This wood is resistant to abrasion and fire, and you can use it as a perfect plywood option and even for fencing. While the heartwood comes with a reddish-brown color, the sapwood has a yellowish-white coloration.

You can check all the above-mentioned wood types at any established dealers. Try to go for a renowned name in the business to get a quality and genuine product. Therefore, you can resort to the woodwork if you think of adding items of furniture or repairing any part of your room. Always plan your budget and frame an idea of the design you want to have in your room.

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